Hi, I’m Depressed. (A Slam Poem by yours truly.)

Hi, I’m Depressed, and no, I’m not attention seeking.

Hi, I’m depressed, and yes, sometimes it’s hard to get up in the morning. Yes, it’s impossible sometimes to do anything but sleep. Yes, it’s easy to feel nothing at all.

Hi, I’m depressed, and sometimes I’m numb, Numb to pain, numb to happiness, numb to feeling.

Hi, I’m depressed, and I know I worry my family. I know its hard to be my parent’s daughter, and my sister’s sister.

Hi, I’m depressed, and even though I’ve self-harmed, doesn’t mean everyone with depression does.

Hi, I’m depressed, and yes I’ve tried medication. Yes, I’ve tried therapy. Yes, I’ve been suicidal.

Hi, I’m Depressed, and the scariest times to be this way are between midnight and 6am.

Hi., I’m depressed, and this can get in the way of romantic relationships.

Hi, I’m Depressed, and on bad days I scream and cry and try to tear my hair out and wonder why, in agony, my brain works this way.

Hi, I’m depressed, but I have found peace in my irregular trips to my therapist. My meditations, coloring, journaling, and coping skills.

Hi, I’m depressed, and even though sometimes I push people away, the important ones find their way back into my life.

Hi, I’m depressed, but that doesn’t make me weak. I am stronger than you can ever imagine.

Hi, I’m depressed and through every challenge, I am resilient, self-aware, and triumphant.

Hi, I’m depressed, and I know that my depression will not ever leave completely.

Hi, I’m Faith. And my depression does not define me.



5 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Depressed. (A Slam Poem by yours truly.)

  1. Slam poetry sure a very pleasing form of poetry , I truly enjoyed going through this post of yours. You captured the true essence of depression in a very exquisite manner, thanks for sharing such a lovely poem! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them πŸ™‚


      1. You know that warm, satisfied, sweet feeling you have when you finish a plate of your favorite dessert? That’s how your compliment has made me feel. Thank you, I haven’t felt this way in too long.


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